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Of the many factors that influence the quality of a meditation the most significant is human biology, because although the soul is a spiritual being, it is still subject to the ever-changing forces of the material world, particularly through the physical body. Thus, in general terms, human experience, be it physical, emotional or mental, is defined by the chemistry of the body and its environment – biology determines almost everything that happens – therefore members are encouraged to explore in meditation how biology influences the chemistry of consciousness. Used this way meditation becomes the beginning of self-knowledge.

The Order recognises that meditation is not the objective but the means of discovering the nature of the real self. It is a slow but sure process that has often been likened to peeling away layers of an onion, and one of the layers is the ever-present veil of thought-forms that hangs before the mind’s eye. In themselves thought-forms are nothing more than the product of the chemistry of consciousness, they are not consciousness itself. What is noticeable to the observant is that because such forms are rooted in biological conditions they influence the motivation and will of the soul, making it a slave to biological needs and appetites. Thus, members are encouraged to distinguish between the thinker and the thought-form, between the chemist and the chemistry, because the emancipation of the soul depends upon it first being able to make the distinction between the real and the unreal, between the Self and not self.  As the soul progresses it passes through the veil of thought-forms into the inner reality of its own being; herein the soul is able to engage with the deeper work in meditation.

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