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The Order understands prayer to be the natural expression of the soul’s need to commune with God; sharing its most intimate thoughts, hopes, aspirations, intentions, fears and doubts with its creator. The Order also recognises that Prayer is the key to a sacred science of spiritual evolution barely known outside of the quiet waters of the sanctuary. As such, prayer is the means by which the soul, dispersed throughout the world of the senses, is re-collected and drawn to a single point within the heart, and directed towards communion with God. Within the Order of Dionysis and Paul prayer is, then, the heart of a mystical science that synthesises thought, image and emotion in a manner that enables the soul to transcend the limitations of the mundane world.

Individual members of the Order maintain regular prayer in a cycle of daily Offices. These Offices take place in the morning, at noon and in the evening, and form the essential rhythm of the life of the Order. Members regularly gather together to celebrate the Eucharist and to share in group devotions such as Compline or Lectio Divina. Members are also encouraged to engage in the discipline of ceaseless prayer, following in the footsteps of the Desert Fathers of the 3rd and 4th Centuries. This form of prayer generally consists of a short formula, often no more than a single word or name, and never more than a phrase or two. It is very effective in establishing a basis for making an entire life an act of spiritual devotion, and when used habitually sublimates the incessant mental chatter that is so often the experience of the mundane world.

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