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Ecclesiastica Celtica

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It is a condition of membership that each Fellow recognises and agrees to abide by the following:

1. To live in peace with all Fellows.

2. To respect the beliefs of all Fellows.

3. To be tolerant of the limitations and failings of all Fellows.

4. To avoid imposing personal beliefs & doctrines upon other Fellows.

5. To shun private piques and quarrels with all fellows.

6. To foster goodwill within the Fellowship.

7. Not to give any teaching or instruction in the name of or on behalf of the Fellowship.


1. Attend all lectures, seminars, discussions and workshops of the Fellowship.

2. Seek to arrive in good time for lectures, seminars, discussions and workshops.

3. Abstain from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, medication apart, whilst attending Fellowship events.

4. Allow lecturers to speak without interruption.

5. To respect the rights of all Fellows in discussions to finish speaking without interruption.


1. The Fellowship of Dionysis & Paul is a non-profit making organisation whose purpose is the preservation and dissemination of the Western Mystical Tradition.

2. The Constitution of the Fellowship is hierarchic and not elective, its government being vested in the Order of Dionysis & Paul.

3. The decision to appoint and terminate membership rests solely with the Preceptor of the Fellowship of Dionysis & Paul.

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