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The Fellowship of Dionysis & Paul is dedicated to the preservation of a discipline of spiritual regeneration that for two thousand years has been transmitted discreetly within the religious traditions of Christian civilisation. It is an ancient and living tradition whose goal has ever been the spiritual progress of humanity.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to make available a facility and focal point to those truly interested in this tradition wherein they may acquire a basic understanding of the essential disciplines of this traditional and ancient path of spiritual development.


The focus of the Fellowship is upon Prayer & meditation, concerning which a series of online seminars, lectures, discussions and workshops devoted to specific aspects of the tradition and its disciplines, will provide members with a deeper understanding of the interior life of the soul.


The Fellowship is open to all who, seeking more than intellectual knowledge, may wish to develop a greater understanding of the interior life of the soul. There are no initiations, oaths or grades of advancement, simply the sharing of knowledge in fraternity and goodwill.


There is no joining fee to the Fellowship, although members are expected to share the costs of any seminars and associated events; the details of which will be supplied in advance.

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