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Meditation cont..

All members of the Order are expected regularly to practise meditation in the traditional manner, which is a discipline of controlled thinking about a specific subject; rather than in the modern sense of it being a guided fantasy. Concerning which, members are encouraged to develop two basic skills considered necessary for the successful practice of meditation - relaxation and concentration: Relaxation, by which it is possible to be physically and psychically still, and Concentration, by which it is possible to fix the attention upon a given subject. Developing these skills is an important undertaking for all members of the Order. Yet, neither relaxation nor concentration constitutes meditation, they are simply tools to enhance and facilitate the process of mind control that is called meditation.

There are many methods of relaxation available in the public domain that may easily be utilised by the student, and they do not usually take very long to develop. Concentration, on the other hand, requires the student to be truly interested in the subject at hand; otherwise the ability to “attend” will be undermined by the distracting activities of the senses. In the quiet of the sanctuary it is accepted as axiomatic that in the discipline of meditation you cannot serve two masters, your love of the spirit must be greater than your love of the world of the senses.


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