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Ecclesiastica Celtica

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The Order of Dionysis and Paul

A religious order within the Holy Celtic Church, consisting of men and women, dedicated to living the contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world.


The mission of the Order of Dionysis & Paul is to encourage and assist its members to enter the ‘Presence of God’ by instructing them in the spiritual disciplines of Prayer and Meditation.

The Community

The community of the Order of Dionysis & Paul consists of men and women dedicated to the work of spiritual development through the path of Contemplation. The structure of the Order, like many traditional religious orders, is based upon degrees of commitment and ability, and consists of Lay-members, (Fellowship members), Novices and Professed-members. In general terms both Lay-members and Novices also belong to a study society called the Fellowship of Dionysis & Paul. In practice the Fellowship is both a study society for non-members and members alike to engage in discussion about the subject matter of the curriculum, and a forum wherein Lay-members and Novices are educated in the spiritual traditions of the Holy Celtic Church.

Formulary, Vow & Rule

The Formulary, the Vow, and the Rule are what joins the members of the Order in equitable bonds of spiritual and communal fraternity; every member, regardless of status being subject to the same set of standards, and all members being equally bound to act in accordance with them.


The Formulary sets out the basic principles of communal activity within the Order, defining the scope and parameters of engagement for every member – none are exempt. The first requirement is that members of the Order follow the laws of God in Nature, commending all not to be guided by extremes, but to emulate our exemplar – the Lord Jesus Christ; working with and from all that is wholesome in human nature so that the essential qualities of humanity may be transformed into virtues.


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