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Ecclesiastica Celtica

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The Order of Dionysis and Paul cont…

The head of the Order is the Prior-General, who is both the spiritual and executive head of the Order and its chapters. The general administration of the Order is overseen by a committee of senior members. Posts on the committee are held on a year by year basis. Activities and projects undertaken within the Order are divided into three principal roles: Prior, Co-ordinator, and Operator. Individual members may simultaneously act as a Co-ordinator and an Operator. For example, a member, junior or otherwise, may be requested to organise a seminar; that member then assumes the role of Co-ordinator for that undertaking; all other members involved answering to that Co-ordinator, regardless of rank or position. Priors of individual chapters act as Co-ordinators to the Prior-General. On these terms harmony is maintained within the Order. Every member is expected to stay within the scope of their own activities, thus eliminating cross-currents in the energy of the community. It is a point of principle that in the pursuit of study all disciplines must be self-motivated as the Order functions more like a college than a nursery school. Guidance and encouragement is always available from senior members but the motivation is self-driven and must come from ‘within’.

Furthermore, no member may act as judge or critic of another member. Everyone comes to labour in this field in a state of imperfection, and must be allowed the room to grow and evolve without fear of derision, ridicule or harsh criticism; for who understands the heart of another?  Where an irresolvable conflict arises between members, those involved in the conflict are each encouraged to appoint a member of the Order as their representative to negotiate on their behalf until a mutually acceptable settlement is reached. It is considered important that both sides understand the issues of the other. To that end separate meetings are convened to hear the views of each side, providing the opportunity to hear each other without interruption or argument.


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